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Get Better Grades while Learning Self-Defense

Hi, my name is Senior Instructor Kelcie Smith, We’re very PROUD that hundreds of families all over the Hopewell area are singing the praises of our programs and telling their friends and neighbors how much of a positive impact it’s having on their lives. Martial Arts World Hopewell has become a landmark of Hopewell martial arts!
Get started now and find out how you can be healthier, happier, and more confident with Martial Arts World Hopewell training!

Meet positive friends and build a "YES I CAN" positive attitude

Our educational after school martial arts program is the #1 place in the Hopewell area for your children to get healthy exercise while learning Focus, Self-confidence, and Self-control. We pick them up at their school and bring them to our school for a Character-Building education through the martial arts. Then, on your way home, you pick them up refreshed and ready for an enjoyable evening at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Martial Arts world is the home of life champions! It is an institution of self-improvement physically, mentally, morally, financially and in life. It is modern martial arts that teaches life skills!

Martial arts training without philosophy is same as gangster fighting – it promotes violence and vice, therefore, we practice action philosophy, the 5 pillars of true success, which is the NEW paradigm for modern success. Martial Arts World training with philosophy will help you create a successful future to be healthier, wiser, more confident, wealthier and happier.

Of course, lose weight and get in shape while learning self-defense. Weight control is our specialty.

Of course, we practice YOGA, which is the U.S. National Exercise: Energy Meditation, power breathing, Driving exercise, Airplane exercise, T.V exercise, office exercise and more!

Yes, we have a complete Curriculum system including Books and Videos, to make it an easier and more effective practice.

It is never too early or late to start because it is self-improvement!

We do teach the 5 powers of self-defense: How to defend yourself from physical attacks. How to defend yourself from verbal attacks How to defend yourself from self attacks How to defend yourself from financial attacks How to defend yourself from life attacks So you can be a VICTOR not a victim!


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Transform your life!

Our action philosophy will help you to maximize your potential to create a successful future!

To be, what you want to be,
you need the 5 Pillars!

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Our new high energy curriculum:

Easy to learn, fun to practice to become HEALTHIER, WISER, more CONFIDENT, WEALTHIER, and HAPPIER!

Get in shape while learning self-defense!

Gain high energy while
improving flexibility!



Meditation Videos

Meditation is a mini-vacation:

It is the best mental exercise to clear your mind, to receive positive energy, and gain peace of mind.

Free Your Mind!


Color & Black-belt Testing

Color and black belt testing will guide you how to set and acheive your positive goals!

Turn any crisis into opportunity to create an amazing future!


Championship Participation

You will have a life changing experience while meeting many new and positive friends!

EXTRA BONUS: You can earn life champion medals!


Driving Exercise Videos

It’s amazing! You can exercise while driving.

While driving, you cant go anywhere other than your seat, so you might as well MAXIMIZE the time you have to spend in your car.

Here's what our members are saying...

"My son lacked focus in school. My daughter was always shy and did not like to get in front of people. Since they joined the after-school program at Martial Arts World, they have both improved him with focus, and her in speaking in front of people!"

-Blaida Family

"I used to be shy! I used to lack self-confidence and I had anger issues. When I trained at Martial Arts World, it helped me gain bravery"

-Nate Elder

"I used to be bullied all the time and had no self-confidence, and my thoughts were terrible. After joining Martial Arts World, I learned how to defend myself against not only my own thoughts, but other peoples as well."

-Jaelyn Velez

"All my life I've had ADHD, and as a young child it became really difficult to focus on things and I also had low self-confidence issues. After joining Martial Arts World, I have gained alot of confidence in myself and to look others in the eye without getting off track!"

-Joshua Henry

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