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Kelcie Smith

Hi, my name is Instructor Kelcie Smith,

We’re very PROUD that hundreds of families all over the Hopewell area are singing the praises of our programs and telling their friends and neighbors how much of a positive impact it’s having on their lives.

Martial Arts World of Hopewell has become a landmark of Hopewell martial arts!

Get started now and find out how you can be healthier, happier, and more confident with Martial Arts World of Hopewell training!

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life while Learning Self-Defense

Our unique martial arts program for adults is the best way in the Hopewell area to Lose Weight and Get In Shape because every movement has a purpose – a self-defense purpose that might one day save your life! Our program is a blend of Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu and several other styles of martial arts.

Students of all ages also tell us they use the benefits of Improved Concentration, Self-discipline, and Self-confidence every day at home, at work, and in social situations.

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    General Q&A

  • Martial Arts World is the home of life champions! It is an institution of self-improvement physically, mentally, morally, financially and in life. It is modern martial arts!

  • Martial arts training without philosophy is same as gangster fighting – it promotes violence and vice, therefore, we practice action philosophy, and the 5 pillars of true success, which is the NEW paradigm for modern success. Martial Arts World training with philosophy will help you create a successful future to be healthier, wiser, more confident, wealthier and happier.

  • Of course! Lose weight and get in shape while learning self-defense. Weight control is our specialty!

  • Of course, we practice YOGA! It is the U.S. National Exercise involving:

    • Energy Meditation
    • Power breathing
    • TV, driving, airplane, and office exercises + more

  • Yes, we have a complete Curriculum system including Books and Videos, to make it an easier and more effective practice.

  • It is never too early or late to start because it is self-improvement!

  • We do teach the 5 powers of self-defense:

    • How to defend yourself from physical attacks.
    • How to defend yourself from verbal attacks
    • How to defend yourself from self attacks
    • How to defend yourself from financial attacks
    • How to defend yourself from life attacks

      • So you can be a VICTOR not a victim!

Here's what our students are saying!

"What I love Martial Arts World is that I get to hang out with my friends and stay in shape. Really FUN!"

- Salma I.

"I love how they treat me like family. They have guided me to becoming a more successful person!"

- Logan C.

"What I love about Martial Arts World is the passion the instructors have. I have more energy and a positive attitude after class. I feel stress free, happy, & healthy!"

- Morgan S.

"I love Martial Arts World because they provide a positive life-changing experience. I am able to stay fit physically and mentally as well as create the best version of myself!"

- Lisa H.